Thursday, December 22, 2016

How Youth Soccer Helps Kids Build Character

In his professional life, Birmingham, Alabama resident Ramon Arias owns and operates the Bravo Corporation. In his personal life, the restauranteur enjoys a variety of sports. Ramon Arias is particularly familiar with soccer and its many benefits, as he was heavily involved with his children's youth teams in the greater Birmingham, Alabama area. 

Youth sports offer a multitude of benefits for children. Team sports, and soccer in particular, are especially valuable. They encourage team building, build character, and help young athletes become successful, goal-driven men and women.

Soccer can help build social skills in a way that few sports can match. In order to succeed on the field, players must communicate and work together. Each player has a role to fill and other players to support. Cooperation on the field can translate to improved cooperation off the field, helping to create team players for life.

Youth sports like soccer are invaluable for teaching work ethic and work-life balance as well. Soccer requires practice, and young athletes learn quickly that those who put in the most effort tend to reap the biggest rewards. Though investing time in the sport is important, the additional time constraint helps kids and families learn balance too. Children gain experience prioritizing, and learn to manage their time efficiently.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Southeastern Conference Academic Leadership Development Program

Ramon Arias serves as the president of Bravo Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama, and achieved recognition as the 2009 Franchise of the Year. Beyond his professional obligations, Ramon Arias also maintains an interest in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), which directs interscholastic athletic competitions. The SEC Academic Initiative also hosts the SEC Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP).

Created in 2008, the ALDP identifies, prepares, and advances academic leaders for roles within SEC institutions, using a proactive approach that enhances understanding of the challenges and complexities of academic leadership. Goals of the program include coaching academic leaders to think critically and increasing knowledges related to academic leadership in the 21st century. 

The ALDP consists of two components: a university-level development program and a series of SEC-wide workshops. University-level development programs are individually designed by each participating academic institution for its own fellows and other participants. The workshop component includes two three-day workshops held on specific campuses. They welcomes all participants in the ALDP. 

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Ben-Hur - A Classic Biblical Epic of War and Brotherly Love

A well-established Alabama franchise restaurant executive, Ramon Arias maintains a high profile in the Birmingham community. With a strong interest in developing human skills, he emphasizes employee satisfaction in his Bessemer, Alabama, entrepreneurial activities. Ramon Arias has a passion for cinematic classics set realistically in historical eras and is a particular fan of Ben-Hur.

Set in the Holy Land during the time of Jesus Christ, the 1959 film earned 11 Oscars and catapulted the career of leading man Charlton Heston. The narrative centers on Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish prince who grows up with Messala, an adopted brother in Jerusalem occupied by the Romans. 

Messala ultimately betrays Ben-Hur falsely to the Romans, which begins an arduous journey on a slave ship plying the Mediterranean and, ultimately, a return to Ben-Hur’s homeland. The movie climaxes with a chariot race to the death between Judah and Messala, who now holds a leadership position with the Romans, in the Colosseum. 

Set just after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the movie concerns itself with struggle and redemption, and through its focus on the enduring bond between the siblings, it reinforces the idea that human affection is indeed tenacious.

Friday, November 4, 2016

University of Alabama Football Recognizes Nine Players

Ramon Arias serves as president of the award-winning pizza franchise Bravo Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama. An avid sports fan and alumnus of the University of Alabama, Ramon Arias enjoys watching collegiate football, specifically University of Alabama football.

The University of Alabama, which is approximately 58 miles from Birmingham, is represented by the Crimson Tide football team, whose coaching staff recently recognized nine football players after a dramatic 48-0 win over Kent State University’s Golden Flashes. On defense were Ronnie Harrison, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Keith Holcombe; Harrison recovered a fumble, whereas Holcombe performed a career-high six tackles. 

Meanwhile, Jonah Williams, Joshua Jacobs, and O.J. Howard successfully played offense, with Howard scoring his first touchdown of the 2016 fall season. Jacobs caught two passes for 23 yards, and Williams acted as anchor, effectively preventing a sack. 

As punters, Xavian Marks, Adam Griffith, and JK Scott secured extra points and field goals. Learn more about the Crimson Tide by visiting and following @AlabamaFTBL on Twitter.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Foundry's Work Therapy Program Strives to Restore Normalcy


Ramon Arias serves the president of a Bravo Corporation, a successful pizza franchise based in Birmingham, Alabama. Outside of his professional life, Ramon Arias is very active in working with The Foundry, a rescue mission and recovery center aimed at helping drug addicts and ex-convicts recover a life of normalcy.

The Foundry believes work is a valuable and crucial part of recovery, giving residents the chance to learn new skills, work towards goals, build relationships and structure, and develop discipline. The Foundry achieves this by providing multiple job opportunities to those who participate in its programs.

The Foundry owns multiple businesses they use to aid in the recovery process. The SuperThrift Outlet thrift stores provide employees the opportunity to work in a retail setting, while the group’s auto sales and service jobs train employees in everything from car maintenance and repairs, to sales. The Foundry also offers various general jobs, including food service work, administrative support, and maintenance jobs.

While the Foundry’s work therapy programs strive to help people regain a normal life, the people in the program end up helping the Foundry too. Nearly 70 percent of the recovery center and rescue mission’s budget is raised through their various work therapy enterprises.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Importance of The Foundry Ministries’ Re-Entry Program


Ramon Arias serves as the president of Bravo Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama. Outside of his work, Ramon Arias remains devoted to giving back to the greater Birmingham, Alabama, community through The Foundry, a program that provides services to formerly incarcerated and homeless individuals. One of the most important programs at The Foundry is the Re-Entry Program.

Each year, thousands of men are released from prisons in Alabama and face the challenge of reintegrating in the community. This transition can prove extremely difficult and a support system is often necessary. The Foundry provides such support with a six-month program that helps men successfully navigate the transition. For the first part of the program, men live at The Foundry and have their physical needs met as they obtain all the legal documents they need for reestablishing their lives. During this period, they participate in counseling, adult education courses, and life-skills classes.

Once the men are eligible for work and find a position, they pay a stipend for room and board. Upon finishing the program, they move to transitional housing where they continue to receive support and have accountability while they seek out a permanent home.