Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Insights into Leadership on the Field and in the Workplace

Ramon Arias serves as president of Bravo Corporation, in which role he guides a successful restaurant business in Birmingham, Alabama. Having coached his children in youth soccer, Ramon Arias of Birmingham, Alabama, believes that sports teach core lessons of teamwork and character building. 

In a piece published on the Development Dimensions International Talent Management Intelligence blog, a digital marketing executive reflected on connections between on-the-field teamwork and business success. One key insight is that technical experience is not equivalent to leadership. The effective leader understands the rules and strategies of the game intimately and then takes this knowledge to the next level, by assessing the personalities, as well as strengths and weaknesses, of individual players. 

Understanding how to motivate others can be challenging, particularly when the leader is close to the players. The line between mentor and friend is a fine one, and setting the proper boundaries, without coming off as pedantic, is a critical leadership test many coaches face. One key corporate insight is that the inability to lead those who were former colleagues is a key stumbling block when transitioning to a role as “front-line leader.”

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