Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Importance of The Foundry Ministries’ Re-Entry Program


Ramon Arias serves as the president of Bravo Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama. Outside of his work, Ramon Arias remains devoted to giving back to the greater Birmingham, Alabama, community through The Foundry, a program that provides services to formerly incarcerated and homeless individuals. One of the most important programs at The Foundry is the Re-Entry Program.

Each year, thousands of men are released from prisons in Alabama and face the challenge of reintegrating in the community. This transition can prove extremely difficult and a support system is often necessary. The Foundry provides such support with a six-month program that helps men successfully navigate the transition. For the first part of the program, men live at The Foundry and have their physical needs met as they obtain all the legal documents they need for reestablishing their lives. During this period, they participate in counseling, adult education courses, and life-skills classes.

Once the men are eligible for work and find a position, they pay a stipend for room and board. Upon finishing the program, they move to transitional housing where they continue to receive support and have accountability while they seek out a permanent home.

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